90210: A TV show series on Netflix


90210: The main group of characters. Find the episodes on Netflix and maybe Youtube.

90210 is a TV show based on a group of friends as they travel through high school and college. It deserves a 3/5 star rating. I feel like the same problems were being repeated season after season. The friends date one another and then they cheat on them with a different friend. Or they would keep lying to each other. Basically, it seems that the group of friends never really learn from their mistakes. Because of this, in the end, I didn’t really feel connected to them. So, when the TV series ended I didn’t feel particularly upset that the show was over. But, though there were many repeats of events there were a couple good plot lines that really surprised me. I think you should first try an episode and see if you like it. And if an episode gets too boring, you can always skip it since at the start of every episode there is a quick one-minute recap of the one before.

3/5 stars    Reason: Too many re-occurring situations

PG-13   Often, they call each other curse word names and there are quite a few “intimate” scenes.

P.S  you will be able to catch on very quickly when it comes to who is who and what their social status is.

** I don’t think 90210 is on live TV anymore, just Netflix, and maybe Youtube


Fight Song by Rachel Platten

This song is so beautiful. It could be matched up with a lot of different books, but the book that I choose is Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

5/5 stars

PG This song is for anyone to listen to. There are no bad words/scenes, only inspiration, and the inner strength.

Shatter Me is about a girl who’s looks could kill, but touch will kill. We journey with her, as she is stuck in an asylum kept company only by the screams of the insane and the nightmares recapping the deadly deeds she has performed. Until, one day, Adam, a boy that she used to know, comes tapping at her cell door, coming to join her. She only has to stay with him a while before she figures out who he really is. Hold on tight as Juliette is spun up in a whirlwind of the chase for power. Many people in this tornado believe that she is the key to getting all power once and for all. Will Juliette be so disoriented that she chooses the wrong side? Read the book to find out.

Young PG-13 (PG-13, but for kids on the younger end of it)  Reason: A few lines about memorizing every inch of a body, and a few scenes with people almost being sexually assaulted without consent. (I use this language so that it can be confusing for younger children who’s parents haven’t had that talk with them, but is still clear enough for others to understand.)

5/5 stars I loved this book. It has become one of my favorites (plus the covers look SO pretty!).

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

What does Gia do when the Bradley, the boyfriend that her friends think is make believe, decides to dump her in the prom parking lot? Well, obviously, she finds a cute boy who is dropping off his sister to pretend to be him. Duh. I mean, it’s not that much to ask. Just a few hours, a few small lies, and no commitment whatsoever. Plus, Gia is willing to return the favor if needed. But what happens when, even after prom, the Fill-In Bradley’s (who’s name she doesn’t even know) is all Gia can think about? And what about when the real Bradley shows up again, wanting to rekindle their love? Can Gia pull of this giant lie? Or will she fail miserably, losing everything she ever loved? This contemporary embodies a very important life lesson. It was one of my favorite reads. The romance was so fluffy and cute that it completely won me over.

5/5 stars

Contemporary (not much action)

PG   0-3 curse words (minor), 0-1 intimate scenes (if so, insignificant)