Life by foreverhope

“Life” by foreverhope

You know you’re young when

you can’t believe you don’t have a pile of waiting presents

when you dream of tooth fairies and boogie monsters

when you get cross because someone taught you a lesson

You know you’re growing up when

you aren’t shielded from the world anymore

when you dream of relationships and love

when you want to find out what you’re in store for

You know you’re old when

you don’t have the strength to deal with the corruption

when you dream of a peaceful life at home

when you smile at the children who wave to you

and remember the time when you were young

But you only know you’ve lived when

You’ve let go of your fears

when you took a chance at your dreams

when you learned to be happy

when big or small, you’ve made a difference


Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

title cover

I put off reading Eleanor and Park for a long time, thinking that it was just another fluffy contemporary. It was a long time before I finally wanted a fluffy contemporary and grabbed this off the shelf. I thought it started out strangely for a it’s genre. It actually didn’t start out as “boy see’s girl for the first time and want to be her boyfriend” or vice versa. It started weirdly but soon got back on to the usual track. There was always a dark thread that ran through the book, but what was really surprising was the huge dark twist that Rainbow Rowell threw in there at the end. I couldn’t believe it, I literally had to read that page several times before I could accept the fact. It also didn’t end as expected. It didn’t really end with boy gets girl. More like boy is starting to get girl. In the end, I would give this book a 4.7/5 stars like a 94%. It’s missing 6% because I thought some parts in the middle could be a little bit of a bore.

4.7/5 stars or 94%

Older end of PG-13

some serious talks about sexual assault and sexual harassment. The sexual assault almost happened, and the sexual harassment did happen.