The Scorch Trials: the Movie

The movie was not as good as wished. They didn’t exactly follow the book… like at all. They changed so much that even I was a bit confused and surprised, and I’ve read the book!

Spoilers about what the movie didn’t include: There was no griever fight or rescue ship. No fake betrayal from Teresa and Aris. No talk at all about Thomas and Teresa’s telepathy. No nose-less crank. No crank peering through the barred windows in the dorms.

(Don’t worry, I won’t spoil what the movie added because some parts were actually quite cool.)

Even though they didn’t follow the book exactly, it was still entertaining. Though notably not as popular as the first one. There was practically no one in the theater when I went but, I guess, more room for me!

Watch the movie and see if you liked it or not, agree or disagree.

3/5: Not as the book was, but still very enjoyable

PG-13 – some “gory” creatures (cranks) that make strange noises and try to eat you…


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