3 New and Original Life Hacks!


How to use your touchscreen device in the shower WITHOUT BREAKING IT! Are you ever bored in the shower? Wishing that you could watch your favorite TV show? Or a movie? Now you can with this hack! Just put your device in a Ziplock bag and seal it. It’s completely touch screen and won’t harm your device. Just don’t intentionally put it under the water!  (Bonus: If there are too many water droplets on your screen and trying to rub them away with your hand will only spread the droplets around and make the screen even more blurry then try blowing on your screen and the water droplets will be pushed out of the way.)


Traveling but forgot a toothbrush cover? That’s okay, just use a water bottle! Find any regular plastic water bottle and put your toothbrush in it, then screw the top back on, and there you go!


Having a hard time chewing crumbly food without getting crumbs everywhere? When you bite into the food, make sure to suck in, sucking all the crumbs into your mouth. Make sure not to suck in too hard or else the crumbs will lodge themselves in your throat and you might choke!



Hope you enjoyed these original hacks! And put them to good use!