How to Fix Writer’s Block

Getting writer’s block?┬áThe easiest solution for me is finding a song. Pick any song that you like or you think has a particular meaning/ theme and write your story around that song. Many songs already have a plot that you can build around and they already have characters that you can use. Songs are basically small stories that have been simplified down to the bare minimum and have rhyming words. They’re great because they aren’t so detailed that you have nothing left to elaborate on and they also have a bit of structure that you can construct around.This makes songs the ideal way to get your creative juices flowing and to just start writing.

For example, the song You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift. You could turn that song into a Cinderella kind of story. You could make the “other girl” the main character’s step-sister whose very popular and make the main character shy and a little geeky. Or, I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. You could make the main character an uptight girl who decides to be wild and go after the boy she dreams of because this is his last night in town before he moves and she has nothing to lose.

These are just some ideas and they don’t all have to be contemporary, you can try to find mysterious songs, adventurous songs, or you can try to turn a song into whatever genre of story you want to write.

Good luck and have fun writing!