It’s been a while

It’s been a while, but hopefully, I can start this back up again. Even if it’s just for me. I remember when I started writing these posts, sitting on the arm of my worn brown leather sofa with the TV in front of me, sometimes on and sometimes not. And since then, so many things have changed. It’s sort of odd in a way. How everything seems to move so slowly until one day you turn your head back, only to discover how far you’ve come. I’m in a whole new place with a whole new group of people with a whole new everything. But my love for books and my love for writing has still remained, and maybe even grown a little (though I am ashamed to admit that the books have dwindled down a little due to my work now!)



How to Fix Writer’s Block

Getting writer’s block? The easiest solution for me is finding a song. Pick any song that you like or you think has a particular meaning/ theme and write your story around that song. Many songs already have a plot that you can build around and they already have characters that you can use. Songs are basically small stories that have been simplified down to the bare minimum and have rhyming words. They’re great because they aren’t so detailed that you have nothing left to elaborate on and they also have a bit of structure that you can construct around.This makes songs the ideal way to get your creative juices flowing and to just start writing.

For example, the song You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift. You could turn that song into a Cinderella kind of story. You could make the “other girl” the main character’s step-sister whose very popular and make the main character shy and a little geeky. Or, I Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. You could make the main character an uptight girl who decides to be wild and go after the boy she dreams of because this is his last night in town before he moves and she has nothing to lose.

These are just some ideas and they don’t all have to be contemporary, you can try to find mysterious songs, adventurous songs, or you can try to turn a song into whatever genre of story you want to write.

Good luck and have fun writing!



Grey’s Anatomy



Rated: PG-13 (sexual content is present quite often)

This is such a great tv series. It follows the lives of the doctors in the Seattle Grace Hospital. This tv show keeps you interested because not only does it have large conflicts that can span over several episodes, but it also has “small conflicts” every episode because of the medical cases that the characters have to deal with. Not only that, the tv series also has some special episodes like the episode that is all singing, or the episode that is told in all flashbacks. Also, this show has so many guest stars that I didn’t even catch them all. Of course, there is also a lot of relationship drama which can become frustrating/boring. But, overall, this tv show is fun and exciting, but can also be a tearjerker.



3 New and Original Life Hacks!


How to use your touchscreen device in the shower WITHOUT BREAKING IT! Are you ever bored in the shower? Wishing that you could watch your favorite TV show? Or a movie? Now you can with this hack! Just put your device in a Ziplock bag and seal it. It’s completely touch screen and won’t harm your device. Just don’t intentionally put it under the water!  (Bonus: If there are too many water droplets on your screen and trying to rub them away with your hand will only spread the droplets around and make the screen even more blurry then try blowing on your screen and the water droplets will be pushed out of the way.)


Traveling but forgot a toothbrush cover? That’s okay, just use a water bottle! Find any regular plastic water bottle and put your toothbrush in it, then screw the top back on, and there you go!


Having a hard time chewing crumbly food without getting crumbs everywhere? When you bite into the food, make sure to suck in, sucking all the crumbs into your mouth. Make sure not to suck in too hard or else the crumbs will lodge themselves in your throat and you might choke!



Hope you enjoyed these original hacks! And put them to good use!

The Scorch Trials: the Movie

The movie was not as good as wished. They didn’t exactly follow the book… like at all. They changed so much that even I was a bit confused and surprised, and I’ve read the book!

Spoilers about what the movie didn’t include: There was no griever fight or rescue ship. No fake betrayal from Teresa and Aris. No talk at all about Thomas and Teresa’s telepathy. No nose-less crank. No crank peering through the barred windows in the dorms.

(Don’t worry, I won’t spoil what the movie added because some parts were actually quite cool.)

Even though they didn’t follow the book exactly, it was still entertaining. Though notably not as popular as the first one. There was practically no one in the theater when I went but, I guess, more room for me!

Watch the movie and see if you liked it or not, agree or disagree.

3/5: Not as the book was, but still very enjoyable

PG-13 – some “gory” creatures (cranks) that make strange noises and try to eat you…

90210: A TV show series on Netflix


90210: The main group of characters. Find the episodes on Netflix and maybe Youtube.

90210 is a TV show based on a group of friends as they travel through high school and college. It deserves a 3/5 star rating. I feel like the same problems were being repeated season after season. The friends date one another and then they cheat on them with a different friend. Or they would keep lying to each other. Basically, it seems that the group of friends never really learn from their mistakes. Because of this, in the end, I didn’t really feel connected to them. So, when the TV series ended I didn’t feel particularly upset that the show was over. But, though there were many repeats of events there were a couple good plot lines that really surprised me. I think you should first try an episode and see if you like it. And if an episode gets too boring, you can always skip it since at the start of every episode there is a quick one-minute recap of the one before.

3/5 stars    Reason: Too many re-occurring situations

PG-13   Often, they call each other curse word names and there are quite a few “intimate” scenes.

P.S  you will be able to catch on very quickly when it comes to who is who and what their social status is.

** I don’t think 90210 is on live TV anymore, just Netflix, and maybe Youtube